It was that last room that needed the popcorn ceiling removed and I was dreading it! I called Anytime Assistant and they tackled it in three hours from start to finish. All furniture was either removed or carefully covered with plastic (provided by Anytime Assistant). The room was left exactly how it was minus the popcorn ceiling😊 Was not only impressed that my job was scheduled only two days out from the day I contacted them, they arrived as promised and they are fully insured and bonded. Yes - I sure will be using them again!

Lorie R

Rondah is my "Martha Stewart" - she has been a Godsend helping with projects around the house, and does things to my standards or above (I am picky!). I have gotten to the point I can give her a general idea of what I want, and then just let her go, because I know she will do a great job!

Angela B

Rondah is down to earth, personable and reliable. She always has a great attitude and is up for any challenge, she is great at problem-solving and can rise to the occasion. She is also a team player and has excellent leadership skills.

Heather M

Rondah was efficient, organized, amiable and extremely easy to communicate with. She handled some very personal issues and was completely professional and confidential. She always had a clear mindset to help make our lives easier, which she most certainly did!  I would recommend her to anyone needing personal assistant services!

David K

Home Organization - Perfect! In my 10 years of convention publishing and 16 years of project management for the world's largest biotech firm, I have only met a rare few in the league of Rondah and her team. She simply gets the job done...and with exceptional communication.

Cristy H.

I bought a 5 hour cleaning service gift certificate for Christmas, for my mother-in-law to help when she was moving out of her house. Rhonda went above and beyond to help get the certificate before Christmas, and helped me figure out how much cleaning time to buy her. She gave me an honest assessment, and didn't just say a certain time just in order to get more money.
When my mother-in-law finally got set to move and got a hold of Rhonda, she was SO accommodating, and came the day that my MIL needed her too, even though my MIL was only able to give her about a weeks notice. Rhonda was on time, she was VERY professional, and my MIL said that she was extremely patient with them, as they were still moving some things and were getting in her way while she was attempting to clean. On top of everything else, my MIL said she did an exceptional job on the house and cleaned more thoroughly than she expected. Over all, Rhonda was a wonderful person, very professional, did a great job, and is also SO nice! I would recommend her services to absolutely anyone I know. Thank you Rhonda!

Sara M